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Ancient Chinese Whorehouse 1994 Cast Yvonne Yung Hung

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Luscious-lipped virgin Ching is sold to Miss Ng’s brothel. Kong invents contraptions to make se-x more “funny”, and is secretly in love with Ng. Ching is attracted to Kong’s assistant, the handsome Ting Yat. Yuen King Tan does her usual wacky best as Bamboo, whose huge tits once killed a man (he suffocated) and she hasn’t had a customer since. After Ching’s virginity auction, Bamboo gives Ching some Soul Freezing Wine, so that she’ll act bitchy. There’s a foreign whore in town, who’s stealing Ng’s business, but Kong sends Yat to fix her, after giving him a power potion. Someone is raping girls in the village, and Magistrate Chin comes to investigate, but pays more attention to Ng than the case. Tsui Kam Kong puts in an appearance as the kidnapping rapist, and Kong reveals his love for Ng, and they grow closer*
Ancient Chinese Whorehouse 1994 Cast Yvonne Yung Hung
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Hong Kong,Cantonese,Yvonne Yung Hung,Tadabonhot,Simon Yam Tat Wah,Pauline Chan Bo Lin,Cantonese Language,tadabonhot Hong Kong Film

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