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Gogulathil Seethai KarthikSuvalakshmi Superhit Tamil Movie HD

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Watch Full HD Movie Gokulathil Seethai is a Tamil drama film directed by Agathiyan, starring Karthik, Suvalakshmi, Karan, Manivannan,Thalaivasal Vijay and bandu in the lead roles.Music composed by Deva.

Rishi (Karthik) sleeps around through the efforts of a sophisticated, dedicated and ‘immigration officer’ look alike pimp (‘Thailaivasal’ Vijay). His Dad (Manivannan) whom Rishi considers to be his ‘friend’ voices his concern in a friendly way about Rishi’s life style and suggests him to try falling in love instead of spending all his hard earned money on call girls. Rishi brushes him off asking him to only worry about his earnings and that he would take of care of the expenditure.

Rishi offers his employee/old friend I.C. Mohan (Karan) to take him to a show. Although hesitant at first (as Mohan refers I.C. to be inferiority complex), he agrees. The show turns out be a college show where a beautiful looking Nila (Suvalaxmi), doing her final year BBA performs a song. Mohan feels he has had one of his best days as he falls instantly in love with her. On the contrast, Rishi instantly sets his sexual sight on her.

Rishi calls on the pimp to book Nila. The pimp gives his professional shot at it and ends up in jail. Rishi bails him out. I.C. Mohan sends a tape that has his recital of her song irritating Nila. She tries to throw the tape away but her friends offer to use the tape to record something else. Intrigued by a couple of flower bouquets, she finds out the information about Rishi and meets him personally. Rishi proposes to sleep with her one night. Nila rejects his ‘proposal’ despite Rishi offering half of his property and walks away. But Rishi is quietly resolute to woo her into bed one night.

When Nila returns to her hostel, she finds the ‘tape’ to have more info into it and hears a whining I.C. Mohan’s marriage proposal. Nila takes sympathy towards Mohan and meets him at a beach and lays down her rules straight: "She would fall in love, but only after marriage" and that she is determined to be behind the success of a man she marries. She asks him to meet her mother ‘formally’ if he is too desperate. While Nila takes a hiatus and visits home, her mother informs Nila that their family ‘doctor’ friend is interested in marrying her. It is implied that she informs Mohan about this. Mohan meets up with Rishi at a restaurant and confesses that he had lied to him and that he is really in love and that ‘she’ is about to get married. On hearing that ‘she’ is Nila, Rishi is stumped and takes a brief moment to himself to kill his own sexual urge and decides to help his ‘only’ friend and gives him an idea to forge a letter and that he would take care of the rest.
Gogulathil Seethai KarthikSuvalakshmi Superhit Tamil Movie HD
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