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Ride On London Bus Route 253 Clapton Railway Station To Hackney Central

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Ride on route 253 new routemaster Clapton railway station to Hackney central

London buses route 253 is a Transport For London contracted bus route in London, England. running between Hackney Central and Euston bus station, it is operated by Arriva London

Route 253 commenced operating on 1 February 1961 between Aldgate bus station and Tottenham Court Road via Bethnal Green, Hackney Central, Clapton pond, Stamford hill, Manor House, Finsbury Park and Camden Town as a replacement for trolleybus route 653 with ACE Routemasters.

By 1994, the route now operated by Leaside Buses, was one of the busiest in London, with a peak vehicle requirement of 50 buses operating at a frequency of one bus every 2 minutes.

In November 2009, route 253 Was retained by incumbent operator Arriva London. Upon being re-tendered, the route was retained by Arriva London with a new contract commencing on 6 June 2015.

From October 2016 Arriva London began introducing a fleet of 32 New Routemaster buses to serve on the route. The rollout of new vehicles was completed in December 2016

The route now runs between Hackney Central and Euston (via Clapton Pond, Stamford Hill, Manor House, Finsbury Park and Camden Town). The original route is still served in its entirety by night bus N253 while the section of the original route between Hackney Central and Aldgate bus station is now served by the 254.

Current route
Route 253 operates via these primary locations

1. Hackney Central station
2. Hackney Baths
3. Lower Clapton
4. Clapton Pond
5. Clapton station
6. Cazenove Road/Rossington Street
7. Stamford Hill station
8. Manor House station
9. Finsbury Park station
10. Holloway Nags Head for Emirates Stadium
11. Holloway Prison
12. Caledonian Road
13. Camden Road Station
14. Camden Town Station
15. Mornington Crescent station
16. Euston station
17. Euston bus station

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Ride On London Bus Route 253 Clapton Railway Station To Hackney Central
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