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Obituary A Grave Beginning Cartoon Series Pilot

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To get updates on Obituary - a cartoon series about June Crocker, a girl who was raised by ghosts, and her life among the living and deceased - join our mailing list:

Contact: [email protected]
Scripts, Art & More:

Kellie Whisler || June Crocker, Sandy, Lady Plume
Kimia Behpoornia || Blatsy, Hillary, Student #2
Ashley Strumwasser || Lisa Rose
Catie Wayne || Daisy, Violet, June’s Mother
Ari Stidham || Lester Catfield, Coach McKinney
Jordan Stidham || Trulish Gramplin, June’s Father, Student #3, Edmund, Clown Ghost
Michael Barryte || Vince Rasp, Student#1, Dmitri
Greg Wilmot || Protestant ghost/Skipper Ghost
Alex Faciane || Garbage Man Ghost


Art Direction || Joel Cheetham
Animation Direction || Jake Ganz
Backgrounds || Joel Cheetham

Eleisiya Arocha
Leah Artwick
Michael Azzi
Amanda Bautista
Ismael Bergara
Inbal Breda
Dave Bruno
Temmie Chang
Brandon Denmark
Nicole Derksen
Jermz Gallardo
Jake Ganz
Chelsea Gordon-Ratzlaff
Jacob Grannan
Jay Harden
Kelly Kao
Mari Kidder
Rinji Kim
Ryan Krzak
Blair Lawrence-Parnaby
Phui Jing Ling
Marie Lum
Nick McKergow
Cal Moray
Chance Mukai
Nicolas Ortega
Carlos Ortega
Rachel Paek
Caroline Ramsey
Sandra D Rivas
Nicole Rodriguez
Jennifer Strickland
Paul ter Voorde
Jaxxy Tomar
Javier Ulloa
Cassandra Urban
Cliff Walker
Kalen Whitfield

Original Concept Art || Louie Zong
After Effects || Michael Barryte
Sound Recording || Greg Wilmot
Sound Editing || Zachary Barryte
Sound Mixing || Michael Barryte

“Obituary - Main Theme”
Breakmaster Cylinder

"Virtutes Instrumenti," "Sock HOP," "Mesmerize,"“Longing and Concern,"
"Happy Alley," "One-eyed Maestro," "Sneaky Snitch," “Smoking Gun,"
”Ghost Processional,” “Ghostpocalypse - 6 Crossing the Threshold,”
“Marty Gots a Plan,” “Take a Chance,” “Mysterioso March,” “Evening of Chaos”
Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Spanish Translation || Carmen M. Carpena
French Translation || Jean-Baptiste Berges

The TOVG Office
Ryan Finnerty
Alex Kramer
Mom & Dad

Obituary A Grave Beginning Cartoon Series Pilot
Uploaded on YouTube by Belated Media

Michael Barryte,Zachary Barryte,Barryte Bros,Kellie Whisler,Ashley Strumwasser,Catie Wayne,Ari Stidham,Jordan Stidham,Studio Yotta,Kimia Behpoornia,Jake Ganz,Joel C,Louie Zong,Breakmaster Cylinder,Animation (TV Genre),Independent Animation,Cartoon,Animated Series,Obituary Cartoon Pilot,Pilot,Independent Cartoon,Ghosts,June Crocker,Blatsy,Trulish Gramplin,Animated Comedy,Barryte Brothers,cartoon,animation,full episode,pilot,cartoon series,ghost

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