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Tulipop Lost Berries Season 2 Compilation Cartoons For Children WildBrain

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Tulipop is a magical fantasy world created built around the wondrous Tulipop island. Created when a magical underwater volcano erupted many lifetimes ago, the lava formed the island that evolved into the beautiful place that is Tulipop. Loosely based on the landscapes of Iceland, Tulipop is full of waterfalls, rugged mountains, hot springs and golden sands.

Tulipop's inhabitants are quirky characters with lovable, gender-bending personalities. The main characters include Bubble, the shy, nature loving mushroom boy, Gloomy, his bold and adventurous sister, Miss Maddy, the super talented prima donna and Fred, the strong, silent type who longs to intimidate but is too adorable to succeed.

Tulipop is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The daydreamer of the group, mushroom boy Bubble lives in the serene Buttercup Sands on the East coast of Tulipop. He loves eating blueberry pancakes, gardening and taking a nap in his hammock.

Bubble is Gloomy’s brother; they are really close although it is hard to imagine siblings that are more unalike. While Gloomy is adventurous and excitable, Bubble is the opposite: he is calm, a bit anxious and rarely wants to leaves his house. Bubble moves slowly, eats slowly, does almost everything slowly, which drives his sister, Gloomy, a bit nuts. However, if Bubble loses his cool he can blow up to double his size! When that happens, he behaves in a very uncharacteristic manner. He messes up his house, smashes things in his surroundings and when he’s turned back to normal, he can’t remember a single thing.

Gloomy is a strong, brave, fun-loving mushroom girl who lives on top of Toadstool Hill. Her hobbies include catching fire flies, telling ghost stories and writing very secret secrets in her diary.

Gloomy is Bubble’s sister and by far the more adventurous of the two.
Gloomy loves experiment with magic. She cooks up various potions and elixirs, that sometimes work but more often they don’t. However, Gloomy doesn’t care - she will keep making them anyway.

Snuffing around in the Forgotten Forest you’re likely to stumble upon Fred - the smelliest, cuddliest and least threatening monster on Tulipop.

Fred lives in a hollowed out tree stump in the deepest part of the Forgotten Forest. His origins and true nature is a mystery but due to his antlers, he suspects that his mother may have been a reindeer.

Fred is a gentle soul in a wild (and clumsy) body. Fred may look like a monster but he is constantly trying to overcome his looks to let people see the real him: a kind and gentle creature. He is far more scared than he is scary. In particular, he is terrified of Miss Maddy’s worm Wiggly and will often scream when he sees him!

Miss Maddy
Miss Maddy is classy, elegant and a softly-spoken adorable bear ... when people are looking. She is a big character, has a real attitude and is all sweetness and light until you cross her, then she is all thunder and storms.

Mr. Tree
The charming old Mr. Tree, also known as Woody, is mild-mannered, wise and good-hearted. He lives on Skull Rock with his best friend, Mama Skully the skull.

Although Mr. Tree may appear a bit scary, with his diamond eyes and two horn like branches sticking out of his head, his friends know who to turn to for help and advice. Keep in mind though that Mr. Tree isn’t always right, he is forgetful and thinks that he has all the answers because he’s so old. When giving advice, he often use half-remembered or obsolete turns of phrase that are hard to understand.

Mama Skully
Mama Skully is the matriarch and oldest inhabitant of Tulipop. She is actually the creator of the island. When an undersea volcano erupted thousands of years ago, Mama Skully came up with the lava, ending up on Skull Rock.

Mama Skully planted Mr. Tree and gave life to the rest of the island and its inhabitants. She is very, very ancient and her memories go far far back in time. She loves poetry, culture and art and thinks she was a poet in a former life. Or maybe a pirate, she can’t remember. Maybe both!


Tulipop Lost Berries Season 2 Compilation Cartoons For Children WildBrain
Uploaded on YouTube by WildBrain – Cartoon TV

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