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GIANT STEPS 10 Levels Of Difficulty

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Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. A lot of you requested Coltrane's Giant Steps, so here it is! Definitely one of the harder jazz standards... Make sure to tap like and subscribe if you want more videos like this!

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Original Song: Giant Steps by John Coltrane

The pattern I play is 1235 on the 2-beat chords, 1235, 5321 on the 4-beat chords.

By the way - there are harder jazz tunes than this, but this is the one that everyone knows and (generally) fears.

Special thanks to Zachary Brunetti, AhLun, Flooft_TK, Colin Heberling, David Geschke, Dario Cimmino and all my other Patrons!

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GIANT STEPS 10 Levels Of Difficulty
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