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Om Nom Stories THE MAGIC LAMP Cut The Rope Magic Season 4 Funny Videos For Kids

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Dive into amazing adventures with new characters from Cut the Rope: Magic!
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Meet the star of Cut the Rope, Om Nom! On his crazy adventures, including becoming a puppeteer and running his own video blog!

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He is a sweet and happy little car who loves making friends and hates to see anyone unhappy.
He is outgoing and personable. He feels things deeply, and has a strong sense of empathy!
He doesn’t always pick up on complex ideas and gets confused and frightened easily.
He rarely gets angry and is far more likely to flee than fight.
The exception to this is if he feels that someone else is in danger.
Brum always stands up for his friends, even when he’s scared.
He shows his true bravery when someone else is in need.
Om Nom Stories THE MAGIC LAMP Cut The Rope Magic Season 4 Funny Videos For Kids
Uploaded on YouTube by WildBrain Happy Kids

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