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15 Behind The Scenes Secrets From IT Chapter 2

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IT Chapter 2 is out and it’s got us properly scared. A great way to keep the nightmares at bay is to remind ourselves that this is, in fact, a movie and that, behind that horrifying spider-clown is a makeup team and an actor. Here’s a look at some of the coolest behind the scenes facts.

There is, of course, the CGI. Not the effects that turn Pennywise into a spider, but the touch-ups that keep Finn Wolfhard, and the other young losers, looking 13-years-old. There are also practical effects, like the cosmetic adjustments done to Jeremy Ray Taylor or the strictly enforced falsetto policy.

The cast got up to all sorts of stuff on set too. First of all there were the gifts. Bill Skarsgård took something out of his own mouth to give Andy Muschietti, the director; Finn Wolfhard tried to give Bill Hader a gift but Hader was creeped out; Jessica Chastain gave thoughtful, successful gifts to the whole cast. Speaking of which, the cast only had one moment when they were all together over the course of the whole movie!

There were many surprises from Bill Skarsgård throughout the filming of the movie, who proved himself better at being creepy than CGI, going all-out to create a scary atmosphere for the poor cast of kids. The effects team, though, did keep up their end of the bargain, even setting records during the shoot. After all the blood and gore and lazy-eyes, after taking over a small town in Ontario for months, they eventually finished and, maybe most importantly, a lot of the cast members are now best friends!

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15 Behind The Scenes Secrets From IT Chapter 2
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