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Who Wouldve Thunk Vol 2

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Who Would've Thunk? Vol. 2

In the messy array of content thats thrown about the internet all day, where can you get the best? Right here baby. "Who Would've Thunk" features cool videos found all over the web, narrated by Clyde. Enjoy.

Sourcing / Script:

You ever wonder how your dog is able to get enough water while it’s at the bowl? A slow motion video reveals the unique shape the dog’s tongue forms to scoop up water. u/calistasalinas (

Vaping is all too popular nowadays. It seems to have even made its way under the sea. This talented porpoise shows off for the audience by blowing some O’s. u/seshelton (

Fourth of July, New Years, everyone loves a holiday with a good firework show. This special firework demonstration captures what would happen if fireworks worked in reverse. No fingers were lost in the making of this video. u/TheKarmaFiend (

Pre game rituals are one of the most important parts of any sport. This team of soccer players likes to start their game days with a quick game of basketball, but they do it their way. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. u/wmcin (

Look at these big cows. That’s what this owner thought when they recognized their cattle wasn’t getting enough exercise. The solution? A remote control car. Forget running with the bulls this is driving with the bulls. u/Raqped (

The days of leaving luggage at the airport are now in the past. This new gadget seems more like a pet than a suitcase. The bag has sensors that track the users movement and follow them as they walk even stopping when you do. Now let’s try and fix everything else about traveling. u/Renegade2283 (

Anybody else ever get annoyed when their teacher left a spot of chalk on the board? This board takes the teacher out of the equation and cleans itself. A perfect wipe every time. ( u/CocoaHugs (

This man decided not to abide by the rules of gravity anymore. A plane that can Flintstones style, with just the power of your feet. u/ragu7080 (

Every animal starts out as a baby, even stingrays. Look at these newborn stingrays swimming around their tank. Who knew that they had little feet? u/afterdroid (

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Who Wouldve Thunk Vol 2
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