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Why Rick Sanchez Is An Excellent Grandfather

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Rick and Morty have a strange relationship, but it's clear that Rick really does love his grandson! Subscribe to our channel:

If you’ve seen Rick and Morty, then you’re probably familiar with the pair’s unlikely bond. On the surface, it’s a show about a grandfather spending some quality time with his grandson. Only it’s so much more than that. Rick Sanchez happens to be the most intelligent person in the universe, and we don’t mean that in a good way. He’s not exactly the best person, especially to his grandson Morty. Viewers of the show are familiar with his horrible ethics and morals, and have seen him mistreat Morty time and time again.

By that logic, one would assume that they have an unhealthy, or perhaps even a toxic relationship. In reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In this video, we’ll explain why Rick Sanchez is actually an excellent grandfather. He cares about Morty deeply, is always taking an interest in him, teaching him valuable lessons, and putting him first. He’s way more invested in Morty’s upbringing than any other member of the family, that’s for sure!

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Why Rick Sanchez Is An Excellent Grandfather
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