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Body Language Proof James Charles Lied To You In His Apology James Charles – Tati Feud Breakdown

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Find out the body language secrets in James Charles apology video, along with the feud breakdown of what happened between James Charles and Tati.

James Charles is the famous 19 year old beauty and makeup YouTuber who had over 16.5 million subscribers, but lately his subscriber count has been breaking records in the undesirable kind of way. He’s been losing millions, Logan Paul with his past controversy has got nothing on the subscribers James Charles is losing. Why is this happening? James’s YouTube mentor and friend Tati, who also has a large beauty and makeup YouTube channel, posted a tell all video about why she decided to cut ties with James Charles after there was some back and forth a few weeks earlier on Instagram regarding brand deals and friend loyalty. James responds to Tati’s YouTube video with an apology video, but clearly it seemed to have made everything even worse for himself with even more backlash and even more unsubscribes. So we’re going to breakdown what happened and analyze body language to point out the key insights and reveal the truth.

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In the comments: Why would you unsubscribe from James Charles, given all that has gone on? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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Body Language Proof James Charles Lied To You In His Apology James Charles – Tati Feud Breakdown
Uploaded on YouTube by Derek Van Schaik

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