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r/entitledparents #4 Top Posts | VoiceyHere Stories

Story Time with VoiceyHere - Mom Steals Wheelchair

In today’s episode of Entitled Parents…

When an entitled mother doesn't get her demands met at a local Chinese restaurant, she insults the staff. The restaurant owner takes matters into her own hands!

A girl loves the new birthday present she received from her parents. But when a strange woman and her child approach the girl in the park, things start to go badly.

Our fan-submitted story....
An entitled mother tries to force a blind girl out of her seat on a bus but the bus driver comes to the rescue.
A disabled woman is unable to walk easily and needs a wheelchair for support. She is using one at a shopping center but the minute she turns her back, it disappears.






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Rentitledparents 4 Top Posts VoiceyHere Stories
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