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Kid Gets Milk Adult Themed Animation Explicit Content

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Not my best work. I stumbled into this project while trying to test some new tactics out for animating. In the crossfire, it was very haphazardly thrown together. I did trace a lot in this project, but it was mostly to figure out the best method for me to animate. I won't be tracing anymore after this though, so it's all good from here on out. I did end up finding out a lot of cool new tricks and techniques for speeding up my process. As far as the controversial things go, I tried my best to not make them explicit, as to only progress the story. I really didn't want to finish this, but at least it's done now. Hopefully you like it!


Edit: It's supposed to say "discretion" at the beginning, not disgression. My bad.
Kid Gets Milk Adult Themed Animation Explicit Content
Uploaded on YouTube by casxper

#Sad Animation #Animation #Tragedy

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