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20 Things Only Adults Notice In The Incredibles

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Jokes and references that kids won't get in Pixar's The Incredibles! Subscribe to our channel:

Sure, we cried like a baby during Toy Story 3, and Wall-E has us taking the future a little more seriously, but nothing in Pixar’s library may be more adult than The Incredibles. The original movie and it’s sequel are filled with adult humor, risque moments, and scenes that will make you cringe when a young child is sitting there watching with you.

So what better time to take a look back and enjoy them all for your viewing pleasure! Drinking games are a great way to get social with your friends and enjoy viewing something -- but we never suspected the party game to become the central part of a scene within The Incredibles. Yet, when Mr. Incredible and his family stumble upon some guards -- that’s exactly what they’re doing! As the guards watch monitors of Syndrome’s robot wreaking havoc on the city, they pop the cork on some wine and decide to take a shot for every person that runs away.The Incredibles franchise didn’t just build up a family of superheroes, they built up a whole world of them. Dozens of heroes are filled within the scenes of The Incredibles, but there’s probably one Pixar will never give big-screen to. On a newspaper headline early in the movie, you can spot a pretty disturbing story about X-Ray Vision. Watch to see all of these scenes and find some things you may have missed over the years!

After seeing some of these, you may never look at the Incredibles the same again!

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20 Things Only Adults Notice In The Incredibles
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