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10 Hilarious Ripoffs Of The Simpsons

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10 Times Shows Ripped Off The Simpsons
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The Simpsons is a pop cultural phenomenon, spanning over thirty years and nearly 700 episodes. It’s hard to overstate the show’s cultural impact, but with that impact naturally comes imitation.

In fairness, with the amount of episodes the Simpsons has, there are bound to be similarities in other media. A million monkeys on a million typewriters will eventually write King Lear, and by that same token, a dozen overworked Family Guy writers will inevitably write something close to “Deep Space Homer”.

Still, these ten examples go above and beyond. Coincidences are possible, but so is thievery, subconscious or not. How common is a plotline where the brain of a lazy worker is removed and put into a lazy robot? Or one where the government places a massive dome over a small town? And it’s not just shows either. The Simpsons has been ripped off in music, movies, and even, dare we say it, reality.

The writer who may have unintentionally ripped off his own work. The show that has been accused of ripping off the Simpsons for years. The classic kids cartoon that borrowed a plot line from an early Simpsons episode. The Horror author who may have lifted an entire book from The Simpsons Movie. A bizarre Georgian rip-off so strange it went viral. The family sit-com that the Simpsons called out during their Golden Age. The animated movie that ripped off it’s entire premise from a Simpsons’ episode. All of these and many more in the full video!

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10 Hilarious Ripoffs Of The Simpsons
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