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Diy Attractive Book Binding At Home In Just An Easy Way

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In this video I am trying to show all of you that “HOW TO BIND ANY BOOK/REGISTER/NOTES’’ in just an easy and simple steps.
This is a simple & basic binding. In my next videos I will also show you the different types of binding which is more attractive and easy.
I hope this will help you…
The list of things which I used in this video-
BINDING CLOTH (you can also use a normal cotton cloth)
THREAD & NIDDLE (strong thread must to sew)
BROWN PAPER (you can use any paper in place of brown paper)
A4 PAPER (because of I am making this for notes I am using 250 A4 size white paper, if you have already a register/book then you don’t need this)
BINDING GLUE (the process of making in the video)
The things are easily available at any nearby stationary…
Why I used binding glue???
I used binding glue because it less thick then normal glue and at the time of applying it is not dry quickly and we have enough time to work on it. After applying binding glue the book/notes should be place at safe place for dry over night and apply some weight on it so that the color/texture paper not shrink. In the morning you will see your binding book is ready with the finishing..
NOTE- You can also use the normal glue in place of binding glue but you should have to pay attention about the color paper and cardboard because the color paper catch the shrink and the cardboard can be curved so you can’t get the finishing.
I hope you will enjoy….
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Diy Attractive Book Binding At Home In Just An Easy Way
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