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Home Cleaning Hacks 11 Kitchen And Room Cleaning DIY Ideas

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We know you’re not a fan of it, none of us are, but it has to be done! Luckily for you, we got you covered with a dozen spotless cleaning hacks that will not only speed up your boring routine but can also be fun! Learn how to safely collect small items scattered around the house, hide a soap within the sponge itself, create your own cleaning gloves or toilet freshener burst! Stay tuned for all of that and more!

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0:04 Collect Small Items with Ease
1:00 Soap within the Sponge
2:06 Toilet Freshener
3:15 Captain Cleaner Gloves
4:29 Remove Permanent Marker
5:11 Remove Carpet Holes
5:25 Shinny Sneakers
5:56 Lovely Bathroom Hangers
6:38 Remove Oil Stains
7:14 Easy Sticker Removal
7:49 Emty Yogurt Containers
8:28 Sink Hair Collector
9:07 Take Out Nails Safery
9:25 Dish Scrubber Upgrade

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Home Cleaning Hacks 11 Kitchen And Room Cleaning DIY Ideas
Uploaded on YouTube by Crafty Panda

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