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Rev & Roll 🚗 In Deep Doo-Doo Rev’s Tree Party 🚗 Episode 16 Rev & Roll - WildBrain

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Rev’s mom and dad are working on making a beautiful garden in town. When Rev offers to help, they aren’t so sure he can handle the one important job left to do. But Rev insists he’s the man for the job! He’s eager to get started…until he finds out he’ll be carting manure all throughout Fender Bend. This job stinks! Rev tries every which way to pawn the task off on one of his friends, before Avery tells him the best way to get the job done is to just… “doo-doo” it!

When the gang organizes a birthday celebration for Rev, Avery insists on keeping it a surprise. She’s even found the perfect location for his party—under Old Shady, the oldest and most beautiful tree in all of Fender Bend! But things get trickier when they hear Rev coming and don’t want to spoil the surprise, so they toss the presents and decorations up into the tree! The only problem is now they can’t get them down! Now they’ll have to figure out a way to get the gifts out of the tree and set up for the party, all before Rev figures out what’s going on. And he’s already suspicious! All day his friends have been acting mighty strange and avoiding him. Hurt, Rev wonders…have they forgotten what day it is?

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Join 8-year-old Rev and his best friend, Rumble—a rambunctious, powerful truck with a puppy personality—as they go on adventures in their hometown of Fender Bend! Everyone in town has their own unique four-wheeled buddy at their side. But Rev and Rumble are the ultimate pair. With Rev’s big ideas and Rumble’s truck power, these two are always revved up and ready to roll!

Each day brings a new adventure, a new challenge, and something epic to learn along the way, whether they’re helping Rev’s family on their ranch, wheeling around town, or roaring through the surrounding wilderness. Along for the ride are Avery and her feline ATV Alley, Owen and his jumpy frog-like racecar Crash, Lori and her powerful horse-like truck Tipper, and Bo and his shy, elephantine fire truck Spritzer. This energized group of friends are always in motion, bringing a high-octane spin to everything they do. Join the fun—let’s Rev & Roll!


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Rev & Roll 🚗 In Deep Doo-Doo / Rev’s Tree Party 🚗 Episode 16 | Rev & Roll - WildBrain

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Rev & Roll 🚗 In Deep Doo-Doo Rev’s Tree Party 🚗 Episode 16 Rev & Roll - WildBrain
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