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Brake Disc Fixing After They Were Not Straight Anymore

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Brake disc fixing after they were hot of braking and I entered puddle with them....

Why no one reads description before commenting ?

Discs were almost new, you can see by drills on side for "better" ventilation... I still think its just for the look. to be more cool those lines drilled on sides...

So i was driving a bit faster, saab 9-3 stage 2. And they were a bit hot, or very hot whatever. And then i dont know why I thought it will be fun to enter puddle and wash my wheels. After that tomorrow I started to notice that my steering wheel shakes with braking.

So I payed like 20e to this guy to make them straight doing by taking slight like a few micrometers. And there were "meat" or thickness to take a few millimeters. I think you change discs when they wear like 19mm by the book of saab and this ones had 24mm or so i forgot but still we checked and it was enough to take and still to be healthy.

So after this old guy who works with all kind of stuff did it, end product was i didnt have anymore those cool lines drilled on sides but my shakes disappeared .

I know you many of you know some other way to do it. But trust me those discs are still like new with a cheap cost.
Happy internet day ! All the best .
Brake Disc Fixing After They Were Not Straight Anymore
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