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Identical Twin Wears A WIG In Public To See If Her Twin Sister Notices

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Today, I'll attempt to PRANK my identical #twin sister, Brooklyn! I wore a wig and hat around her in public just to see if she would even notice me! We are twins, right? She knows me SO WELL... do you think Brooklyn will notice me?? πŸ€”

Before filming this video, I had been out of town visiting my boyfriend. I told Brooklyn that I was planning on just staying an extra day in Louisiana, so she really had NO IDEA that I was in town and wouldn't expect to see me anywhere! She went into the office alone that day, thinking that I was still out of town! Little did she know... I was hiding out at Target just waiting for her to show up! πŸ˜‚

We know y'all loved our #twinswap and #drivethru videos, so Iin order to successfully prank Brooklyn, and since we are #twins, I knew that I was going to need a little help! I asked everyone on our team to send Brooklyn on different errands throughout the day so that I would know exactly where she was going to be. My goal was to plant my camera on the aisle where I knew Brooklyn was going to be, and then walk past her while wearing a wig to see if she would notice me!

This video was actually really hard to film! There were times when I would just straight up be in the wrong aisle so I would totally miss Brooklyn, and then my GoPro even broke at one point! It was really difficult, but eventually I successfully captured me walking all around her without her even noticing once! This twin #pranks situation for me was seriously SO HARD to not just bust out laughing, y’all! Especially when I literally said "Hi!" to her and she STILL didn’t know it was me!! πŸ˜‚

How priceless was her reaction when she finally saw my face?? Be sure to watch until the VERY END to see the entire prank unfold!

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You can check out the inspiration for this video by Jatie Vlogs HERE:

We would love the see the Dolan Twins, Dobre Twins, Rybka Twins, Niki and Gabi, and the Merrell Twins try this! Comment down below if you think YOU could PRANK your best friend by wearing a wig out in public!

πŸ’‹'s - Bailey


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Identical Twin Wears A WIG In Public To See If Her Twin Sister Notices
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