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10 Crazy Disney Theories That Are Too Real To Ignore

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These Disney theories will blow your mind.
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Welcome back, ScreenRanters! During this weird time, we’re glad to aid with some kind of entertainment. Disney is one of the biggest powerhouses in film, television, merchandise, and whatnot. As they’ve been around for decades, each of us has been influenced by the House Of Mouse at some point. With that, many fans of Disney have resorted to creating theories based on their animated films. Some of which sound like crazy nonsense. Yet when you really examine what the theory is, it makes so much sense! Today, that’s exactly what we’re going to take a gander at. Some of the strangest and best theories about Disney films.

Now for the customary spoiler warning about what’s in the video. If you don’t want to know, then we suggest you watch the video now and make all your contacts do the same. Firstly, we have the Pixar classic, Toy Story, and who Jessie’s former owner, Emily, really is! We also have a Frozen tale that connects Anna, Elsa, Tarzan, and Tangled’s Rapunzel. We also came across a dark idea involving Carl and Russell from Up. There’s the insane argument that connects Boo from Monsters Inc with the Witch from Brave! It involves Sully, or “Kitty”, if you’re being informal. We also have a tale connecting The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. It involves Ariel’s mother! If you liked Inside Out, then you’ll love the relationship that Bing Bong may have with another franchise! There’s also the terrifying tale in The Emperor's New Groove with Kuzco that may disturb you like it did us. We also have an idea about the bleak landscape in Aladdin. The Genie plays a big part in this. We also have crazy theories involving Snow White and Finding Nemo!


Entry 1 : Prince Of Afterlife
Entry 2 : Boo In Time
Entry 3 : Ariel’s Pan-tastic Time
Entry 4 : Aladdin Mad Max
Entry 5 : Finding Nothing
Entry 6 : Bing Bong Lives!
Entry 7 : Up Angel
Entry 8 : Who Is Jessie’s Emily?
Entry 9 : The Emperor’s New Trauma
Entry 10 : Keeping It In The Family

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10 Crazy Disney Theories That Are Too Real To Ignore
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