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Pizza Guy in My Pool 🎵 Raptain Hook (FV Family Song of MYSTERIOUS ROCK IN BACKYARD)

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Who takes a video you like and turns it into a banger of a song? Who be the freshest pirate on the seven seas who got you singin' along? That's right, its RAPTAIN HOOK! Watch as he and his half boombox-half parrot Squawx make awesome songs about your favorite Funnel Fam videos! Today, watch him rap about a Mysterious Rock that moves, and a super weird Pizza Guy in FUNNel Dad's pool aka Dallas the Pizza Guy. Hope you like, thumbs up if you do!

Inspired by MYSTERIOUS ROCK in BACKYARD!! FUNnel Family Vlog:

Check out Raptain Hook's Debut Music Video "I am your Captain":

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Pizza Guy in My Pool 🎵 Raptain Hook (FV Family Song of MYSTERIOUS ROCK IN BACKYARD)
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