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23 Cool Sculptures You Wont Believe Actually Exist

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Which of these pieces did you find the most incredible? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos just like this, thanks for watching!

15 - Cinderella Effect…
Hungary is where you will find The Shoes, there are on the Danube Bank in Budapest. It was the idea of Can Togay, a film director and sculpted by Gyula Pauer – and was placed there to honour the Jews who were killed in WW2. Fascist Arrow Cross Militiamen told them to remove their shoes, and they were shot at the water’s edge.

14 - The world in her hands…
This is a series of sculptures called Force of Nature, created by Lorenzo Quinn. There are several of these statures around the globe, and they all depict women holding the earth in some way. You can find them in the US, UK, Singapore and Monaco.

13 - Just hanging out…
This statue is found in Prague, and it’s called Man Hanging Out. The statue is actually of Sigmund Freud, and was created in 1996 by David Cerny, a Czech Sculptor. It’s meant to indicate Intellectualism during the 20th century, and David Cerny’s unsureness about it.

12 - Relaxing in the tub…
That is literally the biggest bath in the world, and work is called The Bather, or Die Badende in German. Artist, Oliver Voss, created this sculptor using foam and steel, and it was 13 feet high and about 99 feet long. It was in the Binnenalster Lake in Hamburg for 10 days.

11 - Creativity Takes Courage…
And David Cerny, whom we mentioned earlier, has many very controversial pieces of art around the world. This one is much tamer, and called Metalmorphosis. It’s in North Carolina and there are 40 steel pieces, grouped together into 7 segments – which rotate 360 degrees, whilst spitting water out into the lake.

10 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…
This beautiful Sea Horse was created by Jeffro Uitto, who collected the pieces of drift wood, and affirms that no live trees were hurt during his art process. His business is called Knock on Wood, and he is from Washington.

9 - Breaking through…
Passer Through Walls is a statue found in Paris, which is based upon a character written by Marcel Ayme. The character realizes that he can walk through walls, so begins a life of crime and adultery. During his last escapade, the magic stops – and he gets trapped inside the wall.

8 - It always seems impossible, until its done…
That is one of the most famous Nelson Mandela Quotes, and this incredible structure was designed by South African artist, Marco Cianfanelli. It was created to celebrate the 50-year Anniversary of Mandela’s imprisonment by Apartheid police in 1962. There are 50 columns for each year, and it’s placed in Howick where the arrest too place. You have to see it from the right angle, to see the face of Mandela.

7 - Letting Go…
There is something so ethereal about these wire sculptures created by Robin Wright, a UK Based artist. They are of fairies dancing in the wind, and some are very small and others life-like. They are formed in dramatic poses, and all have dandelions or a part of nature with them.

6 - The Power of Books…
It’s incredible how art can be created from anything, and this amazing sculptor was put together by Mike Stilkey. He uses old books that are going to be recycled and creates these beautiful pieces with colored pencils, ink, lacquer and paint.

5 - Perfection Takes Time…
This installation is known as the Kelpies, and too Andy Scott 8 years to put together. They are 100 feet tall, and the inspiration behind them is the legend of a water spirit that takes the shape of horses. The sculptors are the entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal in Scotland.

4 - Art that moves you…
Anthony Howe is the creator of some incredible abstract and kinetic structures. He uses metal and polymers to create some of the most exquisite mobile art in the world. Some structures are as tall as 25-feet high, and they are pretty mesmerizing to watch.

3 - Who dares wake me from slumber?
You can sort of hear this giant yelling that from beneath the grass, can’t you? This giant man is called, and I translate – Ripped Up or Popped up. It’s the creation of Hungarian artist, Ervin Loranth Herve, and was a temporary installation at Budapest’s Szechnyi Square for a special art market fair that took place.

2 - Are you brave enough?
One of Lithuania’s most celebrated statues, is the Black Ghost found in Klaipeda. Visit this statue on a dreary rainy day, and it will leave you a bit spooked for the rest of the day. Legend says if you befriend the statue, you will have fortune and riches to follow.

1 - Follow your art…
As I said earlier – it’s amazing what people use to create art. Maurizio Savini uses chewing gum to create some very realistic sculptures, but he really doesn’t like it when people ask him if he chewed every piece! He has t assistants that melt the gum down, ready for his creative use.
23 Cool Sculptures You Wont Believe Actually Exist
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