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Twisted Riddles To Refresh Your Thinking

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Refresh your thinking with a portion of twisted riddles! You can easily solve these brain teasers if your IQ is above average! Give your brain a nice workout with these riddles. If you want to exercise your brain and keep your mind fresh, solving puzzles is a fun and simple way to do it! Just spend 15-20 minutes a day training your brain and you'll see that your logical skills get better ;)

00:14 - How hot can it get? This awesome trivia will boost your logic and increase your general knowledge ;)
02:04 - The police didn’t believe him! Why? This cool brain teaser will rack your brain and make you think really hard! :)
03:19 - Who is lying? Test your critical thinking with this logic brain teaser!
04:39 - How did he escape? A mind-blowing puzzle that will test your logical skills and boost your IQ!
06:12 - Clive came back to his office in two weeks and immediately realized that somebody had come there while he was away! How? Test your attentiveness and logic with this brain teaser!
07:11 - Ronda was shopping in the mall. She was on the top floor of the mall when the building was blown up! Ronda survived but got trapped under the debris! What should she do to survive?
09:03 - Detective, here is a new criminal case! Turn your logic on and try to find the killer as fast as you can!
10:34 - What should she do to survive? This logic riddle will test your intelligence and survival skills!
12:13 - Who won't survive? A short brainy puzzle to boost your IQ!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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Twisted Riddles To Refresh Your Thinking
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