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When Halloween Went Wrong ... 🎃 👀 My Horror Story

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Who doesn't like Halloween? Well, watch this short horror story first and then figure out yourself if the main hero of this short story has legit reasons to dislike Halloween! I used to like Halloween, but not anymore.... I think I got and read too many true scary stories from you, my RiddleSolvers. I hope the one who sent this to me will find your support below in the comments. TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what you would do if all this happened to you? Would you CALL THE POLICE? Would you tell everything to YOUR PARENTS? What would you do?

Every year in late October I always get very anxious and antisocial. I rarely answer my phone, stay home more often and generally retreat into myself. Usually, people around me just assume I have the fall blues or something like that. Occasionally, they try to cheer me up or talk about it, but for the most part they don’t really dig into it. And I prefer it that way. Thing is, my anxiety has a reason. I hadn't shared it with anyone – I was way too confused and scared to do so. But, as October passes year after year it gets harder to bottle it up inside and pretend everything is fine. And this year I… I just can’t do it anymore.

I used to have a friend... I’m gonna call him Jack. We were best friends for as long as I could remember and I’d always tried to be there for him. You see, school bullies were constantly giving him a hard time for… Well, he had a difficult family situation. His dad was constantly drunk, while his mom worked as a waitress. They lived in a trailer park and her salary was barely enough to provide for the family. That is why Jack was harassed and called names like “white trash” on a regular basis. Sometimes they were getting at me too, you know, for being friends with him, but I’d been practicing martial arts ever since I was a little boy and I knew I could defend myself. I’d tried to teach Jack some moves, so he could at least protect himself when I’m not around, but… Jack wasn’t that kind of guy. He was always been very humble and shy; he could never hit another person. Not even if that jerk really deserved it.

It was October, 2015. Jack and I wanted to go trick-or-treating. We knew that we were getting a little too old for it, so we decided it would be our last year. As usual, I would give Jack my old costume. It was convenient – he was a little smaller, so my last year's costume would fit him. But that year it went differently. Several days before Halloween I received a message from Jack on Snapchat – it was a snap of him, holding a creepy costume with a text: “Guess I won’t be borrowing your costume after all”.

I looked closer at the picture – the costume was really spooky. It was a black one piece with a mask of some sort of monster – with big sharp teeth and muddy grey eyes with no pupils. I couldn’t help but be surprised. I knew Jack’s mom wouldn’t spend money on something unnecessary (like a Halloween costume) and his dad simply didn't care. So him having that clearly expensive costume was unusual to say the least.

“Wow that looks fantastic. Where did you get it?” I was quick to reply.

After a while he texted me back: “Doesn’t matter, it’s a long story”.

“Will you tell me later?” I asked. I was way too curious to just leave it.

Jack didn’t answer. I waited for about half an hour and texted him again:

“Hey, you there?”

No reply.

I couldn’t sleep that night. “Where did Jack get the costume? Why was he reluctant to talk about it? Why would he ignore my texts?”. Jack’s behavior was weird and totally unlike him.

I wanted to confront him at school, but he never showed up. He skipped all his classes; he wasn’t at our spot in the cafeteria. He didn’t reply to my calls or texts. I didn’t know what to think and I got really worried. I decided to go to his place after school and check up on him.

One road to his trailer park went past a junkyard. It was a huge lot filled with all sorts of trash. It wasn’t a nice place to walk by, but it was the shortest. When I was passing it, I heard someone scream as if they were in pain. I shuddered and rushed towards the sound. As I climbed on a rusted truck to look around I saw Terry – one of our school bullies, who used to pick on Jack. He was being stabbed by someone dressed in a black costume. The attacker kept stabbing him, until he dropped to the floor, dead.

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When Halloween Went Wrong ... 🎃 👀 My Horror Story
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