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Sssniperwolf Lying And Being A Hypocrite For 13 Minutes

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Song: Longing - Joakim Karud
Inspired by basic's "_ lying for 10 minutes" format.

(in order)
Lies about lip injections. Claims she's getting a septoplasty that won't change the size of her nose. After the surgery her nose is straight and thinner so she had a rhinoplasty as well (which she denies in her video):

Denies being the 'h0e' in the picture when plenty of people have exposed her old pictures and accounts:

Made $lutty videos in the past and criticizes other girls in the gaming community for doing the same:

Criticizes others for using [email protected] thumbnails when her own channel lives off of it:

Fakes gameplay:

Insults to girls that hat3d on her page:

Shading Alissa Violet and other girls that are more relevant than her:

Faze Censor drama:
Sssniperwolf Lying And Being A Hypocrite For 13 Minutes
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