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My Children Abandoned Me After I Sacrificed My Life For Them

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Hello, I’m Abby, a mother of two. My story began when I got divorced and had to raise my boys on my own. That was really hard. I mean, have you ever felt completely alone in this world? I had no help, no extra money, and not enough sleep of course. I had two jobs to simply buy food and clothes for Bruce and Dylan. But that’s not the main point in my story. You can think “What on earth can be worse than that?”. But, well, the children I sacrificed everything for… ended up abandoning me.

Time went by and my sons grew up. Oh, we had really hard days but imagine how proud I was to call those smart handsome guys my sons. They did well at school, always helped me around the house and got on well with each other. What else could I want? But we had kind of close connection only till one day. That day Bruce and Dylan left home to get education. I knew it would happen one day but just think a bit, how can one get ready for such a moment? I got used to them always being around. Like, you know, you spend 24 hours at work and don’t see your children but that’s enough to know they are still not far from you.

I don’t think both of my sons understood how much I missed them. They started sort of brand-new lives. They lived in a new city and met new friends. I felt really lonely. Do you know that feeling when you hold your phone close all day not to miss some important call? Aw, I was that person who was always waiting for one. But my boys called me too rarely. I tried to soothe myself thinking something like “They must have had a hard day” or “Maybe they’re getting ready for a test”. I was afraid to face the truth.

Things got even worse when Dylan and Bruce graduated from universities. They had always been smart and I knew they would build up fantastic careers but that was too much. Would you approve of your children always moving from one big city to another? We didn’t see each other for a long time, sometimes I got postcards for my birthday. Not even a telephone call but just a postcard, can you imagine? I was crazy about that! The only thing calming me down was the fact they had girlfriends. You see, every woman hopes her kids would find their perfect match one day, a soul mate, so to say.

I was looking forward to eventually meet the GFs, but I was completely surprised to find out that Sarah and Betty were not as excited to meet me. Everything I experienced before was just the beginning. The boys told me they would come in advance. Uhh, how nervous I was. I worked as a waitress in a nice cafe in our town so I decided it would be great to have dinner in the cafe and show the place I work at. If I only knew everything would go so much wrong...First of all, my sons’ girlfriends wore gorgeous dresses and I felt like “Ok, that’s not Oscar Academy Awards, that’s just a quiet cafe in a small town” but they seemed to look down on me for I was not all dolled up.
My Children Abandoned Me After I Sacrificed My Life For Them
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