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My Family Set Up Security Cams On Our House What We Saw Terrified Us

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Hey! My name is Tim and here`s my story. Actually, I think it`s pretty funny. Ok. So from the moment we moved into our new house, we waged a war with our neighbors. I don't think it will ever end.
And, actually, I hope it never ends! `Cause it makes me really happy! It`s not a real war, we are just messing around with each other. Our neighbors are actually our best friends. Their son – Mike is my classmate and our parents have been friends since high school, and used to always make fun of each other. And now our pranks have reached a whole new level, and we participate in them with our whole family. For example, recently I bought a fake hand at a joke shop. We smeared it in ketchup, and threw it to the neighbor's dog. Imagine how they screamed when the dog brought it into their house! Of course, the next day they responded with another prank. We were watching a movie in the living room, and suddenly firecrackers began to shoot loudly from the fireplace. We were terrified, and we ran out from the house in a panic. And then we saw Mike and his parents laughing at us. Of course it was a joke. Somehow, they dropped firecrackers into our chimney with the help of a drone. Can you imagine? Awesome! Usually after these jokes we have a picnic or a party, where we can relax and have fun. This gives us the opportunity to feel like one big family. But a few days ago, the jokes crossed the line, and it stopped being funny.

One evening we were sitting at home, having dinner. And suddenly we were interrupted by the loud sound of breaking glass, and then a big stone fell next to our table. We all froze for a second. Dad rushed to the window to see who could've thrown this. But it seems that the villain managed to escape or hide. I saw that the stone was wrapped in paper, so I picked it up and unfolded this "gift." There was a note on it. It said "I'm tired of your stupid jokes. One more, and you'll regret it." But this didn't make any sense! We didn't do anything worth breaking a window for! It was not funny! We took the stone and went to the neighbors. But when we asked why they did it, they denied it, and said they didn't do anything. Of course we didn't believe them. We had become accustomed to their pranks, and always suspected a trick. So at that moment, we thought, "Okay, you asked for it." And dad and I started thinking about a revenge plan.

But we didn't even have time to do anything. `Cause the next morning, Mike`s father came to our house and started arguing with my dad. As it turns out, someone punctured the tires on his car, and he thought it was my dad. But he didn`t do it, so he became angry too! They began to argue, and it almost came to a fight. They both thought it was just a joke that had gone too far. It was the first time that I had seen them have a fight in my life. They were best friends, and then were somehow willing to almost come to blows with each other. The only thing I could think was that that`s not right, and that I had to figure out how to fix it. I decided to talk to Mike at school. He stood his ground and said his father was innocent. And so did I. Okay, but then who had done all of this? To get our dads back on speaking terms, we had to find the real culprit. So we decided to install a couple of cameras, in case this joker wanted to do another prank.

You won't believe it, but the cameras came in handy the very next day. It was an ordinary morning and my dad was getting ready to go to work. But as soon as he crossed the threshold, we heard a rumbling and screams. Then we heard dad cursing. We quickly ran out to the porch, and saw that dad had fallen through the boards. This was getting crazy! He could have broken something. Our neighbors also heard the noise, and came out to see what had happened. And when dad saw them, he got really angry. He got on his feet, and started running toward them, shouting and threatening them. We could barely calm him down, and we told him that whoever did this, had definitely gotten caught on camera.

And here it was - the moment of truth. We turned on the tape, and around 4 a. m. we saw a man on our porch. He was fumbling with a screwdriver. Finally, he got up and we recognized him immediately - it was a man from the house on the other side of the street. It looks like he had unscrewed the screws that held the boards together on the porch. So when dad came out, he fell through them. And thank God dad didn't hurt himself.

Okay, so we found out the identity of this wicked prankster. The only thing left to do was to punish him for everything. And we were going to do it in our own way. So we came up with a whole plan...

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My Family Set Up Security Cams On Our House What We Saw Terrified Us
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