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My Mom Forced Me To Make A Pregnancy Test I Didnt Want Her To Know

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Hi, guys. My name's Lisa, I'm 16 and I'm going to tell you something I'm very ashamed of. Recently I had to prove to my mom that I wasn't pregnant, and because of that, a secret of mine was revealed.

I have to say, I'm not used to talking about delicate matters like this. My parents are very conservative people. My whole life, I wasn't allowed to dress the way I wanted to, I wasn't allowed to hang out with friends as much as I wanted to, and of course, I was not allowed to date anyone. Yeah, sure. So behind my parents’ backs, I started dating Jamie. I hid it as best I could, but one day they found out. Oh, and then I had a hard time. I was grounded for a month, and every day I fought with my parents. I demanded to be allowed to date Jamie. It was difficult, but I managed to convince my parents. We found a compromise. I was allowed to see him, but I had to promise not to do anything stupid. So Jamie and I «haven't done anything stupid» for one year. We are really close. We even wanted to introduce our parents to each other… But that's another sad story, because my mom and dad couldn`t stand Jamie`s parents.

One summer, my parents were going on vacation and they were going to take me with them. It seems good, but this was a trip to Thailand for three weeks! I couldn't imagine spending almost a month without Jamie, so we came up with a brilliant plan. He convinced his mom and dad to spend their vacation in the same city and in the same hotel where we were! Imagine my parents surprise when they saw Jamie and his family at the hotel, huh! But we were so happy to see each other! Of course my mom and dad wanted to have their eyes on me at all times, but they also wanted to relax. So I was often released under Jamie`s parents’ supervision so they could rest alone. It totally worked out! For us it was a dream vacation. We enjoyed every day, and we had something to remember later.

But it was not just good memories that I brought back from Thailand. My stomach started hurting and I was sick. At first I thought it was nothing special, just a change of climate, or something like that. I took the usual medication, but it didn't help at all. And then it started...
My mom came to me and said that we needed to talk about something… sensitive, and that I needed to be as honest as possible. Just from these words I already felt uncomfortable and awkward. My mother said that my symptoms were very similar to morning sickness in a woman who is in the early stages of pregnancy. This phrase just shocked me. I started to deny everything, but nothing seemed to change my mother's mind, so she handed me a pregnancy test. It wasn't just awkward and weird, it was humiliating. Imagine doing this when your mom is standing on the other side of the door! But I had no choice. I did the test, and it was negative. Of course it was negative! Because I knew I couldn`t be pregnant!

But the symptoms didn`t go away, and the next day my parents took me to the hospital. The doctor started with the usual questions about my symptoms, my stomach, and then – about my periods. I was so embarrassed by that question. It was humiliating! He asked me these questions in front of my parents! I began to count in my mind, and the result shocked me. My period was supposed to start about seven days ago, so it was late. The doctor said it's really too early for morning sickness. I exhaled. But then he said we'd still do another test to make sure. At that moment I just ran out of patience, and I shouted: «I can't be pregnant! I know that because I'm on birth control pills!». Yes, I said it. That was my secret, and now my parents were responsible for making me reveal it.

As it turns out, I did have a sickness, it was just a little more serious. And I had a delay in my cycle because of the climate change. We got in the car and, in my parents faces, I realized that we were going to have a very serious conversation. But I was surprised that we didn't go home. 15 minutes later, we arrived at Jamie's house. I was told to sit in the car, and my mom and dad went up to the house. I saw Jamie's parents open the door. They argued for a long time. Mom shouted something, pointing in my direction, and Jamie's parents were just shrugging. At that moment I just wanted to cry. On the way home, mom took my phone, and said I wouldn't be talking to my boyfriend anymore, and that now I'm under their strict control. All I could do was cry and yell at my parents. But that didn't help. Every time I heard my phone ring in my mom's purse, my heart would break. I wanted to talk to Jamie, hear him, see him, and hug him tightly.

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My Mom Forced Me To Make A Pregnancy Test I Didnt Want Her To Know
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