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Avatar Theory The Na’vi Are Not Native To Pandora

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Avatar 2 could reveal that the Na'vi actually originated on Earth! Subscribe to our channel:

Up until recently, Avatar was the highest grossing film of all time. It’s a decade old, but still holds up as one of the most visually stunning movies to ever grace the big screen. It tells the story of the Na’vi, a species of human-like creatures that live on the moon-planet Pandora. Only, Pandora has a bunch of natural resources that the humans want, and we all know how that story goes.

In this video, we’ll be looking at the Na’vi, and more specifically, their origins. While it might seem as though they’re native to Pandora, you shouldn’t be so sure of that. One theory states that the Na’vi were actually genetically engineered by humans. Another suggests that they’re actually an alien species who landed on Pandora and adapted to the ecosystem. Or perhaps the whole planet is just the result of debris being launched off earth when the asteroid hit millions of years ago. This is how The Na’Vi Are Not Native To Pandora In Avatar.

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Avatar Theory The Na’vi Are Not Native To Pandora
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