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Porkchop n Flatscreen Episode 11

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Description: - - - - - - EPISODE SUMMARY IS WRITTEN BELOW:

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Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! by Emezie Okorafor
Episode 11: C+ is still a passing grade!


Mina Kim is no stranger to danger. She's a thrill seeker who ironically feels most alive when faced with imminent death.

After getting her butt kicked by Kit Hart, Mina falls unconscious into a nearby stream. On the verge of drowning, she finds herself in the spiritual realm, trapped between life and death. But, she's been here before…after all, as a consummate risk taker, she has gambled her life on more than one occasion…

Her extensive experience in this spiritual realm has left her with a few special tricks…like her trademark electrical kicks. There are some abilities a human being can only learn once they transcend the limitations of the physical plane…manipulating spiritual energy is one of them.

Mina uses her electricity to magnetize the "life" door and extend her time in the realm. This gives her a little more time to explore the place. She quickly discovers that her spiritual energy can pierce through the ground!

She plunges her arm through the ground and reaches around…

She feels something! She grabs it and pulls it out. It's…a giant black sphere?

It looks like an egg, and Mina hasn't eaten in hours. She decides to bring the black egg with her, back into the living world. "This would make a HUGE omelet!"

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. The Grim Reaper, protector of the balance between life and death, suddenly appears, preventing her from taking the black egg into the living world. Mina doesn't respond very well to authority, so predictably, a huge battle over the mysterious black sphere begins.

Hmm…the Grim Reaper seems awfully familiar to Mina, though…and short. Very short.
It's The Stick Bandit!

Meanwhile, back in the living world, Mouse encounters a man who seems to be returning from a long journey…the "Greatest 1" Rick Sykes, officially enters the PCFS series! Is a TRIO reunion in the forecast with Kit Hart and little brother Bobby Sykes?

"Dandelion", "Moron", and other music by Emezie is available on iTunes and!

Also known as PCnFS.

Also featuring the following characters:
Ayane Shiun, Ninja Girl Mai, Bobby Sykes, and Morrigan

Check out all the episodes in the PCFS playlist:
Porkchop n Flatscreen Episode 11
Uploaded on YouTube by Emezie Okorafor

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Httpemeziecom Httptwittercomemezie Httpfacebookcomemezieokorafor Httpinstagramcomemezieokorafor Httpemeziedeviantartcom Httpemezietumblrcom EPISODE SUMMARY IS WRITTEN BELOW Porkchop n Flatscreen By Emezie Okorafor Episode 3 Crazy Like A Fox Cute As A Mouse STRONGISTHENEWCUTE PCFS This Episode Takes Place Between Episode 1 And 2 After Rescuing Ayane Shiun Chubby Mermaid Bobby Sykes Hit His Head And Fell Unconscious At The End Of The First Episode Now Hes Been Captured By The Krunky Punks NUTT BLADE And TINY Now Mouse Stands Before Bobby Ready To Strike On NUTTs Command Will She Attack Bobby And Become An Official Member Of The Punks Or Will The Unexpected Happen Instead Also Is That The Eternal Thrill Seeker Mina Kim There On The Fred Hartman Bridge I Hope She Doesnt Fall Be Sure To Check Out The New Credit Sequence Starring Ninja Girl Mai Ayane And Everyone Else Songs Used In This Film Are All By Emezie Music By Emezie Is Available On ITunes And Amazoncom Song Titles Dork Love Electric Life Worth Singing Golden Girl Httpemeziecommusichtml Great Job Tim And Eric Check Out All The Episodes In The PCFS Playlist HttpwwwyoutubecomwatchvRo8Ew2a7gQwlistPLLmqnVDJCk8iFtdx9J zAVPHlETRZT5OZindex6