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This Is How Joaquin Phoenix Transformed Into The Joker

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Joaquin Phoenix's method for becoming the Joker was unlike any actor that came before him! Subscribe to our channel:

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s new Joker film has finally screened for some critics and the first reactions are in. Needless to say, the response is certainly divisive.Given standing ovations and drawing comparisons to Taxi Driver, it’s safe to say that Joker is already stirring up a lot of conversation. At the center of most of that conversation is Phoenix’s performance, which is garnering critical acclaim and even Oscar Buzz. Phoenix, a respected actor in the indie and art-film scene, was an unconventional choice, but one that has appeared to pay off.

With so much attention on Joaquin Phoenix as an actor, and this performance in particular, it’s hard not to wonder about the process that goes into playing a character like this. Especially after the highly publicised tragedy surrounding Heath Ledger’s portrayal, and the widely mocked mysticism built up around Jared Leto’s.

While Phoenix has remained tight-lipped about a lot of his preparation methods, he has dropped enough hints and clues during interviews to begin to paint a picture of his process. It’s difficult to even imagine getting into the head of a character as nihilistic and violent as the Joker, and even a pro like Phoenix struggled with it. But he took the job as a challenge, and the ways in which he conquered that challenge are really fascinating.

In the full video, we dig into Phoenix’s psychological prep as well as his physical, and dive into how some of his previous roles could have prepared him for playing the clown prince of crime. Check out the video for more information on how Joaquin Phoenix prepared for Joker.

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This Is How Joaquin Phoenix Transformed Into The Joker
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