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20 Tiny MCU Details That Prove They Thought Of Everything

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Creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a lot more than just sticking Iron Man in a bunch of random films. From timelines to story connections, the production team behind these movies have worked tirelessly to include all types of little details to help connect movies and make the MCU feel as real as possible.

Captain America has gone through quite the journey in the MCU and so have the costume designers who dress the hero. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers “A” symbol appears on his uniform, but by the time he’s butting heads with Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, the symbol has been removed. And speaking of Captain America, he made quite the mess in The Winter Soldier, sending the helicarriers crashing down into the Triskelion building. A mess like that would not only need to have a huge investigation, but takes months of clean-up as well. The MCU is so in control of their that they pay attention to every single little detail -- right down to the books that characters are reading during scenes. For example, take a look at the gym class scene during Spider-Man: Homecoming. MJ’s rebellious side is showcased in the scene as she reads a book during a class where you’re supposed to be active.

Since all that hard work went into creating these small details, let’s honor them all by looking back at little moments including Thor’s touching dedication to Loki and the way Spider-Man: Homecoming connects to Captain America besides the high school gym class video.

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20 Tiny MCU Details That Prove They Thought Of Everything
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