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25 Crazy Facts About Stranger Things Actress Maya Hawke

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Maya Hawke burst onto the scene as Robin in Stranger Things Season 3! Subscribe to our channel:

Things got stranger on Stranger Things in its third season. And for all the risks that the Duffer Brothers took and all the nods to nostalgia that the Duffer Brothers made, their most celebrated decision just might be their casting of Maya Hawke. The actress plays fan-favorite role, Robin, a new addition to the crew who brings her own unique sensibilities and sense of humor to Hawkins, Indiana. Her refreshing performance has breathed new life into the ever-inventive Netflix series, and we can’t wait to see what the next season has in-store for her character. But while we wait for a new installment of our favorite sci-fi streaming series, we’re going to count through all the interesting factoids and bits of info that make this Stranger Things star special. Join ScreenRant as we count off 25 facts about actress Maya Hawke.

Perhaps you didn’t recognize her last name at first, but we’ll go ahead and put two-and-two together for you, revealing just who her parents are in real life. Hint: their Hollywood big-wigs in their own rights. She’s also got some legendary relatives in her family roots. Add this to the training she received before hitting it big, the modeling and music she did on the side, the dyslexia she overcame as a child, the roles that launched her career and the hobbies she does in her spare time and… well, you’ll learn that it would’ve been a shock for her not to become famous and successful. Follow ScreenRant and subscribe for more videos full of interesting facts about your favorite up-and-coming celebrities.

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25 Crazy Facts About Stranger Things Actress Maya Hawke
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