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Fat Thor Will Be Back In MCU Phase 4

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Here is why Fat Thor might stay for future installments of the MCU in Marvel Phase 4!
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Since its inception, the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen a number of dramatic changes. A huge thrill of following the MCU is watching its wide swath of characters undergo profound transformations. But since phase one, few characters have seen such a radical metamorphosis as Thor has.

In the latest Marvel installment, Avengers: Endgame, audiences were shocked to see a fat, washed-up and depressed Thor, content with doing little more than playing Fortnite while balancing a glass of beer on his new potbelly. This is a sharp contrast to the way the mythically heroic, ultra-masculine God of Thunder was first introduced.

To be sure, there has been a great deal of controversy around Thor’s portrayal, which many have argued trivializes weight gain — particularly as it relates to mental illness, grief and post-traumatic stress. However, many were also quick to defend the inclusion of a fat superhero in a cinematic universe that has never seen anything of the like.

Controversy aside, in order to theorize as to whether or not Thor will maintain his dad bod in phase four, we’ll have to take a look at the fascinating character arc the God of Thunder has experienced in the first three. What do phases one through three have to teach us as to what’s next for Thor? Will his physique revert to its usual macho state in the wake of the controversy it ignited, or can we expect to see more of fat Thor? Based on his development so far, we have a pretty good guess as to where the series might be taking Thor. We hope you’ll join us in taking a deep dive into the emergence of this chubbier version of the God of Thunder, and whether or not he’s here to stay.

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Fat Thor Will Be Back In MCU Phase 4
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