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FilterCopy TEE Tenant Entrance Examination Sketch Ft Veer Rajwant Singh Akash Deep Arora

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Finding an apartment to rent is such a pain in the ass. Even if you're a decent person, with more than enough resources to pay the rent, every bit of your personality and life is scrutinised. And you're put through hell just to find a place to stay. It shouldn't have to be this hard!

What's the worse you've faced while trying to rent an apartment? Tell us in the comments below.

P.S. Brokers are the worst!


Ashwin Suresh
Anirudh Pandita

Writer and Director
Nayana Shyam

Director of Photography
Aniruddha Patankar

Assistant Director
Aniruddha Banerjee

Executive Producer
Aditya Pisharody
Bharat Misra
Viraj Ghelani

Veer Rajwant Singh
Akashdeep Arora
Shiv Kanungo
Madhu Gudi
Viraj Ghelani
Vandana Ashtana
Asif Ali Beg
Shabnam Vadhera
Anirudh Pandita

Saumya Sharma

Location Sound
Anatil Mahato

Sound Design
Sudhanshu Gaur
Vishrut Pande

Art Director
Rishabh Kushwaha

Manoj Omre

Kapol Vidhyanidhi College of Hotel Management

Accord Equips

Location Sound
Anatil Mahato

Special Thanks
Hitesh Pardeshi
Raunak Ramteke
Viraj Ghelani
FilterCopy TEE Tenant Entrance Examination Sketch Ft Veer Rajwant Singh Akash Deep Arora
Uploaded on YouTube by FilterCopy

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