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Warframe 100 Rerolls Sobek

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Sobek Riven! Sorry about the crackling mic issues, after I came back from holidays my audio setup has been doing weird shit. Had to turn down the volume a LOT to not shatter people's eardrums, sorry bois.


Also; check out my social media or stream!


Music used during the video:

Ampyx - E.V.A

Extan - Faster Than Light [Argofox Release]

Ampyx - Forever

Ampyx - Glide [Argofox Release]

A Himitsu - Icy Vindur
Warframe 100 Rerolls Sobek
Uploaded on YouTube by DimitriV2

Warframe,DimitriV2,Kuva,100 Rerolls,Riven,Sobek,335K,335000,Rerolling,Rivens,2018,Status Chance,Damage

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