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This Simulator Review Is No Longer Available Because Of Harassment And Threats

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Enough is enough of this. I don't get paid to create my videos, and I am certainly not going to bow down to those forum mob coming here, swearing, threatening and moaning simply because I highlighted a number of issues that I found in a review that they disliked. I don't have the time or inclination to listen to it any longer.

The people that are subscribers I have lots of time for, but these other types devalue YouTube in many ways. My subscribers already know that though.

If you support me in this stance please do subscribe and ring that bell! I'm sure it all helps.

The whole video was deleted by me and the posts stopped because of undesirables from that forum - guess which one... not wanting this video to show a genuine review, there was swearing, bad mouthing, threatening in many ways and not just YouTube and generally showing their way of life and what they really are.

So to my faithful subscribers thanks if you watched it and I can guess you guys will already generally be aware of how some harass people. Sorry to have to spoil the contents because of others and those others being really nasty. At least I tried... and sensible people will make up their own minds about why I really can't be bothered with it all.

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Thanks' - and here are links to better solutions that don't threaten people...

Line6 HELIX Review is here:
Roland GT-1000 Review is Here:
Kemper Rack Review is Here:
DV-Mark Multiamp Review Here:
H&K Black Spirit 200 Review Here:
This Simulator Review Is No Longer Available Because Of Harassment And Threats
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