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MEGA Double Bass Drum Groove Free Drum Lessons Rohan Bumbra

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Welcome to #HumpdayGrooves, a mini-series every Wednesday. Every week, I'll be breaking down a groove in a quick, bite-size manner for those who want to learn quick!

In this weeks free drum lesson, we are looking at a double bass drum groove. It's been three years since I've played with a double pedal but I thought I'd give it a try! I'm a bit rusty!!

Although this groove seems difficult, it's not too bad. The way I think about it is just constant 16th notes on the feet, then I add the heel toe
technique on the right foot for the 32nd note flourishes.

Have some fun with it, and I hope you enjoy the drum lesson!

Peace, Rohan Bumbra

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MEGA Double Bass Drum Groove Free Drum Lessons Rohan Bumbra
Uploaded on YouTube by Rohan Bumbra

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