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Harry Potter Theory Hagrid Was A Death Eater

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Could Hagrid have been working for Voldemort the whole time? Subscribe to our channel:

There are many people who have worked for Voldemort in the history of Harry Potter, but none who might have done so as well as… Hagrid! That’s right, there is an absolutely wild fan theory out there that suggests that sweet, charming, friend to the animals Rubeus Hagrid might actually have been one of Voldemort’s number one helpers all along. While you might think we’re just trying to attack your childhood, we promise we’re not! But when you take a look at the evidence, it is just stacked up against him! For starters, there is no way he could have been the first on the scene at the Potter residence after Voldemort’s attack without using more advanced magic than he claims to be able to do. There is just no way that even a magical motorcycle moves that fast! Along with that, how is it possible that Hagrid was the first on the scene, seeing as how only Dumbledore, Wormtail, and Sirius knew about their whereabouts? Maybe Dumbledore told him, but again, he would have had to aparate to get there on time… unless Wormtail had told him far in advance. Hagrid has also personally led Harry directly into Voldemort’s grasp many more times than is normal for a friend to do. First in the Forbidden Forest, then to the Sorcerer’s Stone, and finally he pushed him the entire way through the Triwizard Tournament! While we would love to believe that Hagrid never meant to cause Harry any harm, we just can’t deny that all of his actions seem awfully suspicious in hindsight. Check out the video below to see exactly what we mean.

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Harry Potter Theory Hagrid Was A Death Eater
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