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Tulipop Volcano Season 2 Compilation Cartoons For Children WildBrain

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Tulipop is a wondrous island in the middle of two seas, governed by three moons. Created when a magical underwater volcano erupted many lifetimes ago, the lava formed the island that evolved into the beautiful place that is Tulipop.
Tulipop is full of waterfalls, rugged mountains, hot springs and golden sands and is the home of six very different but equally lovable characters. The four main characters are: bold and adventurous mushroom girl Gloomy, her shy, nature loving brother Bubble, the super talented prima donna, Miss Maddy and Fred, the strong, silent type who longs to intimidate but is too adorable to succeed.

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Tulipop Volcano Season 2 Compilation Cartoons For Children WildBrain
Uploaded on YouTube by WildBrain – Cartoon TV

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