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The Scarecrow Jim McKenzie

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Film By: Jim McKenzie
Music Written By: Jim McKenzie, Tomi Ervi Orchestration By: Tomi Ervi
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"The Scarecrow" documents the complete step by step process of creating a character starting from a simple sketch in 2014 to a fully developed gallery show piece in 2016 debuting at Jim McKenzie's "Lost Magic" at Copro Gallery. (Material- Magic Sculpt epoxy clay)

Gallery Footage: Dave Yeaman
Cake maker: Dante Nuno of Fire And Icing
Paint Assistant: Kenneth Christian
Publicist: Melissa Ximena Golebiowski of Lost Literati PR ([email protected])

Special Thanks to:
Aardman Nathan Love
Erica Miller & Gary Pressman of Copro Gallery
Trust Collective


1) Q- What material is the clay you're sculpting with?
A- Magic Sculpt, it's a two part epoxy clay. Works great!

2) Q- What is the foam material?
A- Floracraft Styrofoam that you can get at Michaels

3) Q- What tools are you using to chip away at the sculpture?
A- I use Dremel rotary tools. You can get different sized heads for specific detailing.

4) Q- What is the name of the song?
A- We wrote the song specifically for this video and it's called The Scarecrow.

5) Q- Where can I buy a scarecrow?
A- All scarecrow busts have been sold out but you can purchase the actual Scarecrow piece from the film here:

6) Q- Will there be a film made out of this?
A- You'll have to wait and see ;)

7) Q- Where can i get a print of the scarecrow?
A- We currently have a 4 large prints left here:
There may be smaller and more affordable versions coming in this December.

8) Q- Will there be toys of this character?
A- YES! In the coming months :)

9) Q- Do you work for Tim Burton?
A- No. I work at Aardman Nathan Love in New York as a director.

10) Q- Can we share this video on our page?
A- Sure! It's the internet. But be sure to properly credit everyone involved.

11) Q- How can we contact you in regards to serious job inquiries?
A- [email protected]
The Scarecrow Jim McKenzie
Uploaded on YouTube by Jim McKenzie

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