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10 Things Christopher Nolans Tenet Could Be About

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What The Movie Tenet Could Be About
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Christopher Nolan’s not-too-far off flick, Tenet, looks absolutely incredible in my opinion. There is just one little issue, I, along with pretty much everyone else, have no idea what it is even about.

Seriously, when you watch the trailer and such that we’ve gotten for it, do you have any idea what is going on? Sure, it certainly looks intriguing, and it's a Nolan flick, so of course I’m gonna be there day one, but all of the marketing around the film hasn’t exactly given movie fans much of a clue as to the actual plot of the movie.

However, in the absence of any solid confirmation of what the story is, that’s where the wild speculation from people across the internet comes from!

Ok, not quite wild speculation. These theoretical plots do have some sort of basis in what we’ve seen. So ya know, do with that what you will.

So just in case any of these theories are so accurate that I absolutely nail it here, I’ll throw up a hypothetical spoiler warning. It’s like a regular spoiler warning, only with an added amount of I told you so. So you’ve been hypothetically warned.

So with all that out of the way, let’s dive right into the first theory.

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10 Things Christopher Nolans Tenet Could Be About
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