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Gamerz Animated Short Film By Kryssen Robinson

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#Romance #Gaming #Animation #VideoGames
A boy goes to the mall to buy some new video games. Lucky for him he meets a guy who likes all the same video games he does. Just as quickly as they become friends, he finds out this person is not what they seem to be.

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(EDIT 11/1/2016.)
1 MILLION VIEWS! Wow, that's just amazing.
-Really, just thank you, I'm glad that so many people enjoyed this film.

(EDIT 11/7/2016.)
That's even more amazing!
I kinda wished this happened 2 years ago when I released this film, but still this is really great!

(EDIT 6/15/2017.)
It just keeps amazing me how many views this video is getting. Some people have said that they even cried at the ending, which is interesting, since this wasn't a sad story.

(EDIT 11/15/2017.)
I'm so glad so many people have watched and enjoyed this film. I still appreciate all the comments and views.

(EDIT 1/30/2019.)
I'm sure many of you already know this, but I really love seeing all the feedback and comments for this film I made.

As a Special Bonus here's the story to how I came up with Gamerz:
In highschool, I was talking to one of my friends about having a speedrun contest of Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.

That made me think of an idea of a boy and girl playing an intense game together.

It would get so intense that by the time they finished it, the girl would kiss the boy in excitement.
I based the idea of the story around that, and decided to write in scenes that lead up to the big kiss scene.
The first frame I drew for this film is the thumbnail, and I wasn't even intending to make the entire film. I just started drawing the idea of a boy touching a girl's chest, like I've seen in anime. Then I decided to test 2 feature called "Smoothen" and "Graphics" in Adobe Flash. With both, I was able to create a "Boiling Line" effect that I thought looked really cool. After I finished that shot, I figured "Well maybe we get a shot of outside the mall, as we hear a slap making birds fly away".

Effectively, I found myself animating the entire film, which took about a month to finish.
It's funny how I wasn't planning on making "Gamerz" until I was a better animator, and by creating this film as early as I did, it showed that my ideas do have an audience.
I can only hope you all will enjoy more of my ideas and animations in the future.

And especially thank you to all you fans of YowLife.

P.S.: I'll start writing that sequel.
Gamerz Animated Short Film By Kryssen Robinson
Uploaded on YouTube by YowLife Productions

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