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10 Dark Theories About Dead Disney Characters

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There’s no denying Disney movies have a lot of death involved in them. Not only do villains like Scar die, but a number of other characters meet terrible fates as well. Because the company tries to maintain a family-friendly rating, sometimes these deaths are a little more vague than the others. Naturally, fans speculate, come up with theories, and put all types of clues together based off their favorite Disney animation.

In Frozen, we meet Sven when he’s just a baby, likely indicating his mother is dead. The truth about Sven’s mother is closer than most think and Kristoff may be involved. Bambi’s mother dies from a mysterious hunter in the classic animated movie, but the fatal shot may have been blown by a villain from Beauty and the Beast. Sully and the other creatures in Monsters Inc. were afraid of humans and for good reason as a Toy Story short once proved. Scar’s death was pretty brutal as they come, but did he suffer the same exact fate as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast? Zira suffered a huge fall in the Lion King 2, but was it a fall or an intention jump? Deleted scenes on the DVD may provide a huge clue to the answer. A small fly dies in the Emperor’s New Groove, but it could have been a human all along. Ariel’s mother’s death was off-screen for several years until some footage revealed a dastardly pirate may have been involved. Watch these deaths and learn about several more to see the dark theories fans have tied to them!

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10 Dark Theories About Dead Disney Characters
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