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Governo Sul Africano Apoia Assassinato De Fazendeiros Brancos South Africas Farm Murders

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Paypal: https://www.PayPal.Me/LaurenSouthern
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If you'd like to help Jeanine:

I remember distinctly Jeanine mentioning that she would love legal advice. Her family are afraid for their lives, they don't know if her fathers murderer is going to come back for them once he's released. If there are any legal experts in South Africa or elsewhere who can offer her any aid, please reach out. Or if you would simply like to send her a kind message, I can forward that as well.

I'm forwarding the emails instead of handing out her direct address because I'm positive she doesn't need any hoards of hate mail or spam, and it's no skin off my back to do a little filtering. So if you'd like to contact her please make the title of your email "Justice For Jeanine" and send it to:

[email protected]

How you can help other farmers:

On this trip we've been lucky enough to get help from a group called the Suidlanders (or Southlanders). They are a civil defence force preparing for peaceful aid and protection of South Africa's minority Afrikaner population if any sort of civil war or serious government persecution breaks out. You can check out their website and support them at

One last thing! This trip would not be possible at all without the help from my wonderful supporters and patrons. Thank you a million.

L aka/ nonzombie
Governo Sul Africano Apoia Assassinato De Fazendeiros Brancos South Africas Farm Murders
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South Africas Farm Murders Jeanines Story
South Africas Farm Murders Jeanines Story

by Lauren South...

Thank You So Much For Watching One Of The Most Helpful Things You Can Do Is Share This Video And Spread The Word About What Is Happening In South Africa But If You Want To Go A Step Even Further Here Are A Few Things To Check Out If Youd Like To Support Trips Like This And Help Us Turn These Stories Into A Real Documentary Here Are Some Links To Do That Patreon Httpslaurensouthernnetsupport Paypal HttpswwwPayPalMeLaurenSouthern Bitcoin Wallet 1JLM6GJwaPdNv4dM8K5KkcFHeziXXXMGKT Amazon Kitlist HttpamzneuiUK2KUy If Youd Like To Help Jeanine I Remember Distinctly Jeanine Mentioning That She Would Love Legal Advice Her Family Are Afraid For Their Lives They Dont Know If Her Fathers Murderer Is Going To Come Back For Them Once Hes Released If There Are Any Legal Experts In South Africa Or Elsewhere Who Can Offer Her Any Aid Please Reach Out Or If You Would Simply Like To Send Her A Kind Message I Can Forward That As Well Im Forwarding The Emails Instead Of Handing Out Her Direct Address Because Im Positive She Doesnt Need Any Hoards Of Hate Mail Or Spam And Its No Skin Off My Back To Do A Little Filtering So If Youd Like To Contact Her Please Make The Title Of Your Email Justice For Jeanine And Send It To Contactlsoutherngmailcom How You Can Help Other Farmers On This Trip Weve Been Lucky Enough To Get Help From A Group Called The Suidlanders or Southlanders They Are A Civil Defence Force Preparing For Peaceful Aid And Protection Of South Africas Minority Afrikaner Population If Any Sort Of Civil War Or Serious Government Persecution Breaks Out You Can Check Out Their Website And Support Them At Httpssuidlandersorg One Last Thing This Trip Would Not Be Possible At All Without The Help From My Wonderful Supporters And Patrons Thank You A Million Adelaide Gergely Jason Katalin Richard William Aaron Peter Mateusz Thomas Christopher Katalin Ian L Aka Nonzombie Ivan Drew Matthew

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LANGUAGE WARNING Lauren Southern Of TheRebelmedia According To The Government Of Canada Im Literally A Dude Now Just Watch The Video MORE Httpwwwtherebelmedialauren southern becomes a man HttpwwwFacebookcomJoinTheRebel HttpwwwTwittercomTheRebelTV

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BRUTAL FARM ATTACK Wife Of Murdered Peet Van Ess Tells All
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On Tuesday Africa InTouch News Called On Some Of The Victims That Suffered At The Hands Of Criminals In Barbertons Urband And Rural Areas Since Friday April 7

Simon On Farm Murders
Simon On Farm Murders

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The South African Government Have Recently Released Stats On Farm Murders And It Seems The Crisis Was Underestimated

#FernandaSalles - Genocídio de fazendeiros brancos na África do Sul
#FernandaSalles - Genocídio de fazendeiros brancos na África do Sul

by Terça Livre...

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Esposas sul-africanas estão vivendo em medo constante - Lauren Southern
Esposas sul-africanas estão vivendo em medo constante - Lauren Southern

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