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CGI Animated Short Film Jungle Box Nose Hair Boomerang Ep1 CGMeetup

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Nose Hair & Boomerang Animated Short Film. Featured on CGMeetup Share your feedback

One day, In the sky, a wooden box falls into the middle of the jungle, and all the animals in the jungle gather to see an unidentified box.
Perhaps it is a box that accidentally fell from a cargo plane that passed by. Anyway, the box contains the stuff of human civilization. The ignorant jungle beasts can not know what it is used for. I chew, I try to write on my head, I try to get on my head but I feel sick. What are the objects of human civilization in the boxed objects that fall in the middle of the jungle one by one every day? And why are the planes shedding boxes?
The jungle is all messed up by something like that.
You can expect to see how many extraordinary things will happen in the jungle by this sort of out of the box stuff.

Jungle Box:

Mowgli - A 13 year old boy. I can not tell where I was born and who my parents are. It is very positive, lively and extremely pure, but it is also prone to play so much that the whole jungle is a mess. It is a habit of gesturing like a rhythm-like gesture as if the emotional ups and downs are severe and the changes of the expressions are varied.
Shanti - A 12 year old girl. I go hunting in the jungle along with my dad, I lose my way to become my father, and I am left alone in the jungle. However, I do not care much because of the nature of the Wangnakdusen, I will live in the jungle. It is a nemesis and a four-dimensional character.
Chinta - A chimpanzee always accompanied by Mogley, always lounging in his mouth and shrieking. I want to climb up to the city at any moment in the jungle. Normally, a male voice or an embarrassment taper like a woman voice.

Lead Animator : Lim, Da Yeon / Choi, Tae sic
Senior Animator : Won, Soo Hyun / Moon, Gyeong Ho / Choi, Hae Min / Pyo, Yeon Ju / Choi, Joeng In
Lighting / Rendering / Composition : L/R Artist_Shin, Min Ji / FX/Edit_Shin, Tae Sik
Sound Design : Doong Sound
Sound Supervisor : Park, Jeong Young
Sound Effect : Hwang, Hye Jeong
Music : Kim, Jong hyung / Kim, Gi na
Animation Studio 38℃

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CGI Animated Short Film: "Jungle Box - Nose Hair & Boomerang - Ep1" | CGMeetup


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CGI Animated Short Film Jungle Box Nose Hair Boomerang Ep1 CGMeetup
Uploaded on YouTube by CGMeetup

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