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Rick And Morty Created Gravity Falls Bill Cipher

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The Link Between Rick And Morty And Gravity Falls
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Everyone knows that if there’s one thing Rick and Morty co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon love it’s hearing wild, over the top speculation about their fictional animated universe. The episode Never Ricking Morty could not have made that more crystal clear! But we’re willing to risk their wrath by talking about a possible link between this world and that of Gravity Falls. In our defense, its creator Alex Hirsch once shared an office with Roiland, and they’ve included plenty of Easter eggs along the way for us to find and obsess over. There’s one particular moment in the episode Big Trouble in Little Sanchez that has made fans wonder if dream demon Bill Cipher has ever ventured over to this particular dimension.We saw Jerry and Beth Smith go through some extreme marriage counseling, but is it possible Rick and his ex-wife could have once visited the same place? We’ve accepted the fact that we probably won’t ever get a real crossover episode here, but this potential link between the worlds is definitely exciting!

What do you think about the possibility of a connection between these two fictional universes? Do you think it’s way too much of a stretch or is there something there? Make sure to weigh in on this fan theory in the comment section, and share your own ideas with us and your fellow fans. Stay connected with Screen Rant by clicking on the subscribe button and then turning on your notifications.

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Rick And Morty Created Gravity Falls Bill Cipher
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