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After Ever After 3 DISNEY PARODY

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Oh hi!
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Thanks Ed Boyer for mixing, and Corbin Sterling for additional mixing. Lots of mixing haha. And thanks Luis, Isaac, and Reid for being very supportive friends. And thanks Lindsey for patting me on my little back! :]


If you've ever wondered why
Disney tales all end in lies
Here's what happened after all their dreams came true...

[Verse 1 - Simba]
Was gonna be a mighty king, Mufasa's famous heir
Well, your little mane's been lion-tamed
By beasts who don't fight fair
I've turned into the main event for soldiers big and small
And now I dread my severed head might end up on your wall
Let me help this African economy
Oh, my species is going extinct
Everywhere you look, death
Taking shots at my pride
Thanks for that petition to stop a straight up genocide
Scope set
Rafiki's brains are not a cure for AIDS
Now ebonies need ivory for pay
I don't think Hamlet ended up this way
Oh, my species is going extinct
Oh, my species is go-

[Verse 2 - Peter Pan]
Every time I fly to town
I grow up when I come down
Now I've been stuck at age sixteen
For eighty years of puberty
In unforgiving tights
(He's upright, he's upright, he's upright)
We're following his leader, his leader, his leader
We're following his leader
Wherever he may bone
Tee dum, tee dee
My teedle-dee's out to play
It's one for all
The mermaids are wet for days
This engine's revved
There's only one booty for me
Just a teedle ee rump
A teedle ee hump tee day
Think of the fappiest thoughts
I'm a happy little thot
Wendy is my special gal
She's like ninety
I'm down
The dentures never bite
(He's upright, he's upright, he's upright)
Hope he's bi
He's upright

[Verse 3 - Hercules]
Save my soul
Herc was on a roll
Now every god and goddess here is begging to atone
Replaced by intelligent design
The new guy's rolling by and turning water into wine
The Romans are chanting "Christo, Christo"
He's a godsend bigger than Nero
Out with the old, in with the Jew
Hero to Christo
God's honest truth
Hero to Christo
Hey Herc, you're screwed
The Jesus freak is super weak
I'm so divine
You see I came inside a virgin's bod
So have I
I threw him in the Colosseum
A lion a la carte
Three days went by he zombified
And rose up in search of hearts

[Verse 4 - Aladdin]
I'm a prisoner of war
ISIS blew up my city
They're throwing me off a building
'Cause they think that I like guys
A holy war
An old fantastical point of view
Carpet was burned alive, streamed nationwide
I can't go back to where I used to thieve
Every turn suicide
A hundred thousand children plead
The toppling of Agrabah with Sharia law
Stop this holy war before we're through (a holy war)
Unholy war (that's where we'll be)
Just refugees (send helping hands)
Instead of bans for you and me

The lions are gone
Hair on my junk
Jesus is a hunk
Screw Trump!
After Ever After 3 DISNEY PARODY
Uploaded on YouTube by Paint

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The most epic Disney Villains Medley the world has seen! acapella! Join my Hollensfamily on Patreon: Do not miss Whitney Avalon! ► Learn How to Create for a Living: My Hollens Family Store! Listen or Buy our Music: Click Here To Subscribe! ► Buy Song: Spotify: Free Song from me to you! You know who sometimes gets the very best song in the whole movie? The bad guy or gal. I had an incredible time working with the INSANELY vocally talented Miss Whitney Avalon. This video was literally filmed from 8am until 5am, without stopping JUST FOR YOU! Whitney Avalon as Ursula, Lefou, Mother Gothel, and Jafar. Myself as Scar, Frollo, Gaston, and Dr. Facilier. Plus 109 Extra background parts and more! ** SONGS INCLUDED ** “Poor Unfortunate Souls” Ursula from THE LITTLE MERMAID “Be Prepared” Scar from THE LION KING “Hellfire” Claude Frollo from THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME “Gaston” Lefou & Gaston from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST “Mother Knows Best” Mother Gothel from TANGLED “Friends on the Other Side” Dr. Facilier from THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG “Prince Ali Reprise” Jafar from ALADDIN ** CREDITS ** Executive Producers, Director: Peter Hollens & Whitney Avalon Production Designer, Lighting, Assistant Director, Post Supervisor: Jeremy Bronson Editor: Reilly Zamber Cinematographer: Merlin Showalter Hair and Make-Up Artist: Roxy Allen Ms. Avalon’s Costume Designer: Sarah Jeanne Mr. Hollens’ Costume Designer: Jamie Parker Music Arranger: Tom Anderson Music Editor: Alex Green Mix: Ed Boyer Master: Bill Hare Recording Engineer: Peter Hollens, Ben Bram Ms. Avalon’s Assistant: Caroline Sharp Mr. Hollens’ Assistant, Post Production Assistant: Nicole Slenning PAs: Dustyn Smith, Samantha Westmoreland PA, BTS Camera: Jordan Brooks Titles, Graphics: Kent Carollo Special Thanks, Location: Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon Press/licensing/business: [email protected] #DISNEYVILLIANS #DISNEYVILLIANSMEDLEY If you made it to the bottom of this description, comment “#BESTDISNEYVILLAINSEVER!” Help us caption & translate this video!

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Evolution Of Girl Groups - Citizen Queen Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes (1954) Dancing In The Street - Martha and the Vandellas (1964) Stop! In The Name Of Love - The Supremes (1965) Lady Marmalade - LaBelle (1974) Best Of My Love - The Emotions (1977) We Are Family - Sister Sledge (1979) It’s Raining Men - The Weather Girls (1983) Venus - Bananarama (1986) [OPB: Shocking Blue (1969)] Alone - Heart (1987) My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It) - En Vogue (1992) Whatta Man - Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue (1993) Waterfalls - TLC (1994) Wannabe - Spice Girls (1996) Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls (1997) No Scrubs - TLC (1999) Where My Girls At? - 702 (1999) Say My Name - Destiny’s Child (1999) Survivor - Destiny’s Child (2001) Buttons - Pussycat Dolls (2005) Damaged - Danity Kane (2008) Wings - Little Mix (2012) Black Magic - Little Mix (2015) Work From Home - Fifth Harmony (2016) BO$$ - Fifth Harmony (2014) Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony (2014) FOLLOW US: IG - @citizenqueen FB - @CitizenQueenMusic TW - @CQOfficial Website - CITIZEN QUEEN IS: Cora Isabel - @coraisabel on IG + @coraisabel5 on TW Nina Nelson - @ninaannnelson on IG + TW Hannah Mrozak - @hannahmrozak on IG + TW Kaylah Sharve' - @kaylahsharve on IG + TW Kaedi Dalley - @kdphilo on IG + TW ----------------- Directed by Ryan Parma Co-Directed & Choreographed by: Lindsey Blaufarb and Craig Hollamon @im_lindseyb and @coloredcraig on IG Edited by Deanna Hong @deannahong on IG Arranged by: Ben Bram Shams Ahmed Scott Hoying Citizen Queen Additional Arranging By: Rob Dietz Produced and recorded by Ben Bram and Shams Ahmed Mixed by Ed Boyer Additional audio production by Ted Trembinski Mastered by Bill Hare

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▶ Get cool perks + support my work: ▶ iTunes: ▶ Spotify: ▶ "Don't Hate the Freya..." shirts: ▶ The Huntsman: Winter's War It's Evil Queen Ravenna (Laura Marano) versus her sister, Ice Queen Freya (Whitney Avalon), then The Huntsman (Derek Theler) and warrior Sara (Jessica Bishop) cut in. Behind the scenes: Karaoke: Press/licensing/business: [email protected] Big thanks to The Huntsman: Winter’s War for helping make this video possible! The mirror, crowns, and weapons in this battle were all used in the actual movie. How cool is that? ** CREDITS ** Writer / Producer / Director / Freya: Whitney Avalon Writer / Producer / Director / Editor: Steve Gossett Ravenna: Laura Marano The Huntsman: Derek Theler Sara: Jessica Bishop Tull: Burl Moseley Huntswoman: Kimberly Fox Guard: Ryan Marsico Guard: Aaron Alberstein Assoc. Producer: Rebecca Flinn Cinematographer: Peyton Skelton 1st AC: Stephen Branagan 2nd AC: Laurence Stajic Make-up, Hair: Patty Jarvis, Rebecca Lee Castro Costume Designer: Sarah Jeanne Production Designer: Paul Bianchi VFX Supervisor: Brad Clapper 1st AD: T.C. De Witt Stills, BTS: Jennifer Ruiz Staff Writers: Michael Sullivan, Elizabeth Osterwisch, Brad Gage Key Grip: Kevin Nieliwocki Grip: Jorge Lopez Gaffer: John Kviklys Best Boy, Studio Liaison: Billy Brenner Construction Lead: Jo Crandall Scenic Painting Asst.: Veronica Wylie Asst. Costume Designer: Joe Deese Costumer: Tina Marti Craft Service: Candace Ostler Playback: Alex Frew, Rene Michelle Aranda Sound Mixer: Fionnegan Justus Murphy Sound Designer: Shannon Deane Beat: Dirty Hollywood Recording, M&M: Will Hampton Beat Consult.: Casey Golden Wigs: Laura Richards Asst. to AP: Whitney Gries 1st AE: Tim Scott 2nd AE: Kate West Boom, Grip: Jim Burzelic Asst. to Producers: Clare Loughran PAs: Monica Polk, Elizabeth Osterwisch, Diane Musselman, Sydney Bolen, Zak White, Olivia Spirz, Josh Siefer, Jeremy Roberts, Ryan Rash Special Thanks: YouTube Space LA, Liam Collins, Andrew Fillmore, Varun Lella, Stuart Kozlowski, Alissa Feldman, Shane Monaco, Ellen Marano, Kristin Collin, Leia Crawford, Margaret Helmer ** #PRINCESSRAPBATTLE LYRICS ** F: Look, it’s my psychopath sister who abandoned her sanity Slept her way to the top, absorbing power from vanity Hide yo’ kids and hide yo’ wives, my kin is creepin’ nearer Like MJ she’s talking with the man in the mirror You think you’re so slick but let me be blunt While you whisper in the shadows I just take what I want My forces conquer kingdoms - it’s my law they instill Love is forbidden, even Netflix and chill R: Did you say something? Because it sounds like you’re riled I guess you’re still bitter from the loss of your child While you outlaw affection, check the reflection I’m practically invincible since my resurrection I’m a sucker for beauty, leaving permanent scars You’re the second-place silver, I drop solid gold bars I made you from nothing, now you make me embarrassed You think that's not fair, but we know I'm the fairest F: You’re a monster inside while I’m wittier and grittier This battle is a cold war: who cares who’s prettier? Once you feel my frost bite, then you'll put up no fight We remember that Ravenna (SW: lost to frickin’ Snow White) I’ll freeze you freakin’ solid and shatter your remains Your crazy don’t faze me, I’ve got ice in my veins I’m the mistress of cold, I’ve got that climate controlled I can break her cause she’s faker than a ton of fool’s gold I’m faster, cooler, calmer and I’m twice as nice, maybe You'll get that cold shoulder from this ice ice baby So fresh and so clean, I’ll put an end to your scheme The winner is the winter and you’ll scream for this Ice Queen R: You keep coming back for more like a cold sore Always nipping at my heels, quoth Ravenna, “Nevermore!” My beauty bewitches and no king is immune He falls for me, we marry, and he dies on the honeymoon Brutal beauty with brawn and when my body’s gone My power lives forever in this phat brass gong We share the same bloodline but you’re half as strong You’re like the live-action version of Elsa minus the badass song We're out of space in this description! For full lyrics: ** THANKS FOR WATCHING :) **

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Everyone Is Gay Steven Universe ANIMATIC

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Does Everyone Is Gay Yes Yes Everyone Is Gay Happy Pride Everyone Honestly What Other Piece Of Media Could This Song Be Animatic ed To On This Channel No Less Some Notes 1 not Everyone Is Su Is Gay Look Up The Lyrics To The Song Partner Its Not Literally Claiming Everyone Is Gay Just That Lgbt People Exist And Deserve To Be Happy Just Let Gay Folks Enjoy The Representation They Get 2 why Didnt You Add characterpairing Its A Two Minute Song Sometimes You Have To Prioritize Also I Know I Have Biases Toward Certain Ones But I Made Sure To Make It About More Than Just What I Prefer 25 where Are Yellow And Blue Diamond On Homeworld Duh 3 Now That Those Are Out Of The Way Whew Ive Had This Animatic Planned For A Long Long Time And Only Once June Rolled Around Did I Decide To Actually Draw It Out I Consider This Both A Fun Little Storyboard As Well As A Tribute To A Show That Has A Special Place In My Heart Hence Why I Included As Many Elements As Possible 4 The Little Montage Sections cause Were All Somewhere In The Middle Are Intended To Be People Celebrating Pride Interpret The Humans As You Will The Gems Are Definitely Lesbians Though 5 This Animatic Was Made Post a Single Pale Rose A Ton Of Leaks So Youll Notice That In Pearls Flashback Rose Has Pearls Gem Also Bismuth Has Her Newer Design Everything Was Fully Intentional D 6 While Im Loving The Love From Everyone Im Really Disappointed At The Handful Of Yall Whod Rather Focus On Yelling lapidot Is Better And amedot Sucks In The Comments Ive Always Been Clear That I Respect Lapidot But I Personally Prefer Amedot Im Not Going To Be Mean About It Just Please Limit The Negativity Be Mature Thanks For 143k While Its A Lot Of Fun Making Big Musical Animatics Such As This One It Takes Enormous Work And Stops Me From Making Other Art In The Process So From Now On Ill Try To Upload Small Animatics or Big Animatics With Long Gaps With Speedpaints In Between If Youre Expecting A Heathers Renaissance You Might Just Want To Stick With The Older Stuff Everyone Is Gay httpsyoutube0VG1bj4Lj1Q Inspired By Najsigts Animatic httpsyoutubeFp8j6gWJBfU Programs Paint Tool Sai Sony Vegas 15 Time 10 Days Frames 164 Tumblr httpsangledtumblrcom Twitter httpstwittercomSangledHere Deviantart httpsangleddeviantartcom Instagram httpswwwinstagramcomsangledhere Redbubble httpwwwredbubblecompeoplesangartsshop

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Thanks for watching! I don't own anything Artist - Kiki-kit Arts - Song: Halsey – Colors