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25 Times SpongeBob Logic Made No Sense

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There are so many things about SpongeBob that make absolutely no sense! Subscribe to our channel:

The SpongeBob Squarepants TV show has been around for a long time. It first aired in May of 1999. That’s a massive twenty years of Bikini Bottom content! Since the show arrived, it’s captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. Children can see a reflection of themselves within the characters of SpongeBob and Patrick. Yet as they get older, they’ll find themselves agreeing with Squidward more and more! With a show about creatures beneath the sea, there are bound to be some logic problems. Whether it’s the laws of physics, nature or continuity, SpongeBob has many, many logic problems. In today’s video, we’re going to share a load of them with you! You’re welcome!

Cartoons are well known for taking liberties when it comes to boring things like “natural law”. However, SpongeBob is particularly well known for doing so. Many parents have been confused as they’re forced to watch the show with their kids. Logic problems like SpongeBob’s inconsistent strength, the weather under the sea, Mister Krabs’ Krabby Patty vault, and impossible tasks being carried out whilst wearing a helmet. SpongeBob is a great fry cook. He would have to be to work at the Krabby Patty for nearly twenty years! His boss, Mister Krabs, is well known for his love-slash-obsession for money. Which makes it strange that he would waste money in this way. Within the Krusty Krab, there’s a huge vault filled with Krabby Patties! Many more issues arise due to the show being under water. How is there fire? How are swimming pools called “empty”? These and many similar entries have confused our noggins. So, join us today as we bring you a whole video of these bizarre, mind-boggling problems!

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25 Times SpongeBob Logic Made No Sense
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